Why Choose Complexiphy?

As a Social Purpose Corporation, we place providing benefit before accumulating profit. We work hard to make choices that are not harmful to anyone. So, we don’t do business that doesn’t work for us but we also don’t do work that isn’t good for our clients, staff, neighbourhoods, and communities. The conflict over creating dependency in order to make money is a known and common sense ethical dilemma in the “helping professions”. Our answer is to operate Complexiphy in alignment with Benefit Corporation principles (and we’re working toward B Corp Certification). Here are some of the ways that Complexiphy is different:

  • Service: We exist to share what we have to offer and to continue to learn ourselves
  • Inclusivity: We don’t paywall our content, we strive to make what we have to offer available to anyone
  • No “Gurus”: This work is about the work and not about the personality of any coach or individual

Complexiphy does not currently offer in-person coaching. All sessions take place virtually. At the time of scheduling you may select the method of contact. We offer availability through Discord, Duo, FaceTime, Hangouts, Skype, and telephone. Please let us know if there is another mode of communication that works better and we will work to accommodate you.

Free “Fitting”

If you are ready to take the next step but are not quite ready to book your first session, please contact us. We will do what we can to assist you in determining if Complexiphy coaching is the right fit for you. Ask us any questions not answered here. Please include your name and time zone. You are invited to share what it is that you intend to get out of coaching. We want to support you in choosing the right fit for yourself.

Our coaching is not right for every circumstance. If what is needed is medicine, therapy, or legal counsel, please seek the most appropriate mode of assistance available.

Types of Coaching

All of our coaching is conscientious and grounded in the Citizen Twelve Steps. This means that we do not adhere to a rigid or pre-scripted (cookie cutter) method but will address what is appropriate as it arises and as determined by your conscience and your coach’s.

Life Navigation

This mode of coaching is focused specifically on implementing the principles of our Citizen Twelve Steps throughout life and may be right for you if you are ready to invite another point of view to your current approach.

Spectrum Support

This mode of coaching is for autistic people, or people in relationship with autistic people regarding autism and its related matters. We bring our lived and professional experience to offer informed partnership in navigating: pre-diagnosis questioning, the diagnostic process (we do not offer diagnosis ourselves), self-diagnosis, post-diagnosis, and, of course, the entire refrain from diagnosis.

Personal Financial Hygiene 

This mode of coaching focuses on bringing as much peace as possible to personal finances. This includes hands-on support to develop and implement a sustainable system of maintaining financial clarity.


We know some of the language we use can sound unusual but before booking any session you are invited to verify with your own conscience that booking a coaching appointment is what is indicated for you and your path.

Coaching happens as it is needed – the rhythm and timing to be determined as we go. For example, if it’s right to meet two days in a row sometimes, we will and if it’s right to meet every other month, we’ll do that. We’ll navigate scheduling together. I have found that a 90-minute first session is what has worked well. If we determine that longer or shorter future sessions are a better fit, we can plan for that. Please email to make your appointment.

For each session, you are invited to communicate your preference regarding coaching approach. Please choose on a scale from one to ten, one being the gentlest, ten being the most rigorous, what coaching approach you are requesting for the session, or specify that you trust your coach’s choice.


If it doesn’t work to meet, let’s not! All time booked is paid in full at the time of booking. If an appointment is canceled with seven days’ notice, the full amount paid for the session will be carried over for future use whenever you’re ready to rebook. Cancellations between seven and one day out require partial payment at half of your appointment fee rate, the other half will be retained for your future use toward coaching. If you cancel within twenty-four hours or do not show up at all for your appointment, the entire appointment fee will be forfeited.


The fee for your first session (90 minutes) is $200. We are committed that the first session be productive and valuable as a stand-alone service. We will get to know each other and determine what is to come in future coaching, if that’s what is indicated. The fee for subsequent coaching is $150 for 60 minutes.


We trust that you are as committed to getting value out of our time together as we are. Please do what is necessary to be as present as is feasible for our session, we will do the same.