Our Story

Complexiphy produces events and podcasts, offers coaching, all with the intention of supporting you living in alignment with your conscience and discerning what that is. We launched as a Social Purpose Corporation in May, 2018.

Paige R. Hulsey

Complexiphy Founder and Host of the Citizen Twelve Podcast

Paige received her undergraduate degree from the University Of Washington School Of Public Health and has worked with countless individuals to navigate many areas of life. Paige is a white woman in long term recovery from polysubstance use disorder, is queer and is happily married to a cisgender man, has an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis and identifies as both Autistic and disabled. Paige co-created and has facilitated a peer support group for Autistic adults in Seattle since spring of 2016. Paige now enjoys coaching, podcasting, and producing events as tools to fulfill what matters to her – empowering people to live by their own conscience and discerning what that is.

Emily R. Bogen

Former Citizen Twelve Podcast Cohost and Occasional Guest

Emily is working to obtain her PsyD (Doctorate in Clinical Psychology) at Antioch University Seattle. Her research focuses on human sexuality and privilege. She is a student-therapist at Antioch Counseling Clinic in Downtown Seattle and has recently been granted a psychological internship at Western State Hospital. She has worked with women’s advocacy groups for the past several years, including the Women’s Education Program and the Making Connections Program. Emily is a member of the Seattle Jungian Society and leads a women’s Dream Group once a month out of her home. Twice a month she teaches an open, donation-based Bhakti/devotional yoga class at St. Mark’s Cathedral. Emily enjoys supporting others in self-advocacy and using her research and writing skills to deconstruct dated societal constructs and offer new growth ideas that are sound, just, and loving.